Bach, Johann Sebastian Concerto in E Major, BWV 1042

Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, BWV 1043

Bruch, Max Concerto in G Minor, Op.26 No.1

Brahms, Johannes Concerto in D Major, Op.77

Beriot, Charles-Auguste de Concerto No.9, Op.104

Haydn, Joseph Concerto in G Major, Hob.Vlla: 4

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang Concerto in D Major, Op.35

Mendelssohn, Felix Concerto in E Minor, Op.64

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Concerto No.2 in D Major, K.211

Concerto No.3 in G Major, K.216

Concerto No.5 in A Major, K.219

Prokofiev, Sergei Concerto No.1 in D Major, Op.19

Sibelius, Jean Concerto in D minor, Op.47

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr IIyich Concerto in D Major, Op.35

Viotti, Giovanni Battista Concerto No.22 in A Minor

Vivaldi, Antonio Concerto in A Minor, Op.3 No.6

Concerto for Four Violins in B Minor, RV.580

Wieniawski, Henryk Concerto No.1 in F# Minor, Op.14

Concerto No.2 in D Minor, Op.22

Violin Solos and Piano

Bach, Johann Sebastian Sonata No.1 in G Minor, BWV 1001

Sonata No.2 in A Minor, BWV 1003

Partita No.2 in D Minor, BWV 1004

Partita No.3 in E Major, BWV 1006

Chopin, Frédéric/Milstein Nocturne

Debussy, Claude La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin

Elgar, Edward Salut d’Amour, Op.12

Enescu, George Balada

Fauré, Gabriel Après un Rêve

Halvorsen, Johan Passacaglia, Duo for Violin and Viola

Hubay, Jenö Carmen Fantasie

Kreisler, Fritz Praeludium and Allegro in the Style of Pugnani



Songs My Mother Taught Me

Massenet, Jules Meditation from Thais

Monti, Vittorio Czardas

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Rondo in C Major, K.373

Paganini, Niccolo 24 Caprices, Op.1 No. 5, 13, 16, 20, 21, & 24

Cantabile in D Major, Op.17

Piazzola, Astro The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

“Night Club 1960” from L’Histoire du Tango

Rachmaninoff, Sergei Vocalise

Ravel, Maurice Tzigane

Ries, Franz Perpetuum Mobile, Op.34, No.5

Saint-Saens, Camille Havanaise, Op. 83

Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Op.28

Sarasate, Pablo de Zigeunerweisen, Op.20

Carmen Fantasy, Op.25

Navarra, Op.33

Suk, Josef Four Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op.17

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr IIyich Valse-Scherzo in C Major, Op.34

Vivaldi, Antonio The Four Seasons

Wagner, Wilhelm Richard Romanze, Albumblatt, arrng. Wilhelmj

Waxman, Franz Carmen Fantasy

Wieniawski, Henry Scherzo Tarantelle, Op.16

Etude-Caprice, Op.18 No.2 & 4

Williams, John Theme from Schildler’s List

Ysaye, Eugene Sonata No.3 in D Minor, “Ballade”

Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe Romance for Violin and Chamber Orchestra